How to find every iOS Bible App Deeplink and URL Scheme?

You’ve come here seeking the truth.  No, not the Bible, though we know it contains the Truth, but to understand how you can add support in your app to open iOS Bible apps for your users. You may be looking to add the ability for your users to look up Bible passages you may show in your app or you may just need to link to a Bible app so users can begin exploring for themselves God’s Word.  Currently, I have deeplinks for 18 different Bible apps and I only have the Bible passage lookup URL Scheme for two apps.  Youversion and WeDevote.  I will add more as I find them.  So, your next question may be, well how did you find these Nick, I have looked all over Google?  Well, special thanks to Amer Hukic, you can try the magic for yourself by reading his article here.

I have taken the time to share all that info in this post and I hope it’s helpful to you.  If you found this post helpful and want to show some love, please consider donating via Venmo.  Enjoy!

Here is the OSIS Bible abbreviations that you will need to use.

YouVersion Bible

Deeplink: youversion://
URL Scheme: youversion://bible?reference=JHN.1.1

Note:  You can also string together Bible passages


WeDevote Bible

Deeplink: wdbible://
URL Scheme: wdbible://bible/jhn.1.1

Note: You can also string together Bible passages



Logos Bible Study Tools

Deeplink: logores://



Deeplink: neubible://


Bible Gateway

Deeplink: biblegateway://


Blue Letter Bible

Deeplink: blb://


Accordance Bible Software

Deeplink: accord://


e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go

Deeplink: e-sword://


Bible App –  Read & Study Daily (by Olive Tree)

Deeplink: olivetree-free://


NIV Bible App+ (by Olive Tree)

Deeplink: biblereader://


NET Bible (Formerly Lumina)

Deeplink: luminaref://


The Study Bible (Grace to You)

Deeplink: gtybible://


FaithLife Study Bible

Deeplink: fsbres://


Tecarta Bible

Deeplink: tecartabible://


Read Scripture (Crazy Love Ministries)

Deeplink: readscripture://


ESV Bible (Crossway)

Deeplink: esvbible://


Bible Hub ( John Insett)

Deeplink: biblehub:// (Faith Comes By Hearing)

Deeplink: bibleis://