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iOS Engineer

  • Age 39
  • Location Raleigh, North Carolina USA
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Hello! I’m Nicholas Perkins, but you can call me Nick. iOS Engineer specializing in Mobile Software Engineering. Experienced with all stages of the mobile development cycle for iOS applications. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including Swift, Objective-C, PHP, HTML, and CSS. Strong background in design with a natural eye for making products simple and visually captivating. Challenges and new ideas excite me and I’m seeking to be culturally competent in international hearing and Deaf social circles.

Key Skills

GitHub / Version Control
Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/In-Design
Core Data
Final Cut Pro X
MapKit & Mapbox

Personal Skills

Team Player
Public Speaking
Cross-Cultural Competence
Cross-Cultural Communicator
Language Learner
American Sign Language


PrecisionFlight for DJI Drones

iOS Phone App Mobile Applications

PrecisionFlight for DJI Drones

Key developer for the PrecisionFlight iOS app that utilized DJI commercial and enterprise drones (Matrice 100/200/600, Mavic Pro and Phantoms) to capture aerial imagery data using built-in and advanced interchangeable sensors (Visual, Thermal, Multi-spectral). Crucial in implementing pivotal legacy code changes to Swift 4.1, developing new features, improving the quality and performance of the application for our customers, automating release and testing of the app to the App Store and HockeyApp using Jenkins, as well as putting in place important security changes to protect and obfuscate data. Actively involved in QA for the app both in the office and out in the field as well as helping develop a better marketing presence on the new Apple App Store along with delivering UI/UX designs and ideas to make the app a better experience for our customers. Worked on an Agile/Scrum team using Jira and Git. Vast experience using the DJI SDK, Core Data, MapKit, iCloud, GCD, MVC, MVVM as well as incorporating dependency libraries such as Alamofire, Mapbox, AWS, Fabric, and Mixpanel into the project.

PersistChat App Icon


Full Stack iOS Phone App Mobile Applications


A fictitious chat app that persists in Core Data.  The application has a custom UITabBarController and loads recent messages generated when the application loads. The user can send messages to friends in the recent list and also simulate new messages that are incoming.  I created this application to learn more about Core Data Stack and how to implement it in future projects.

Food Genie App Icon Feature

Food Genie: Decide Where To Eat & Find Restaurants

Full Stack iOS Phone App Mobile Applications

Food Genie - iOS iPhone App

Food Genie was actually a project I did back during my days of doing web development at Electronic Solutions.  Many of my co-workers could not decide on where to eat, so I made a small web application to randomly pick a place to eat locally.  Today I have taken that idea and created this iOS app using Swift 2.3, Cocoapods, and a lot of coffee.

Making wishes about where to eat come true! Food Genie takes the worry and “I don’t knows” out of deciding what’s to eat, by becoming that unbiased third-party. Finding a new restaurant or pub is now fun and reliable thanks to Food Genie.  It is available in the App Store and it was voted Top 10 iOS app released in February 2017 by PhoneDog and featured by Megan Morrone and Leo Laporte on the Network show iOS Today.  It is also available to hunt on Product Hunt.

Spin The Food Genie Wheel

That idea became my final project at The Iron Yard.  In three weeks I was able to connect to Yelp’s API, retrieve local restaurants and populate a wheel with six random choices.  The user spins the wheel and using their pan gesture it selects one for them to try. The application was made entirely in Swift except for two Cocoapods which were used for networking.

The Genie Has Spoken

After the user spins the wheel and it lands on a space a color coordinated overlay appears with information about the restaurant selected and if you click the overlay it will take you to the Yelp mobile website or iPhone app to get further details and directions.

Forecaster App Icon Feature


iOS Phone App Mobile Applications UI/UX Design

Forecaster Weather App Team Build

I and two students collaborated together at The Iron Yard to make a weather app that used the DarkSky API.  I was responsible for connecting to the API. Another student handled the data.  Once we had data I worked to develop a unique and elegant UI/UX.

IPLocate App Icon Feature


Full Stack iOS Phone App Mobile Applications

Using the IPInfoDB API and Apple MapKit

This mobile application can search for individual IP Addresses or a range of IP Addresses and place their exact location on the map using the IPInfoDB API.  All points successfully placed on the map are then saved in an array and that array is saved to disk.

SCC2 App Icon Feature


iOS Phone App Mobile Applications UI/UX Design

Mobile App to Monitor Mainframes

I was contracted to update the UI/UX for this application.  A user who has mainframe support with DTS Software can monitor their mainframes from this mobile iPhone app.

Work Experience



iOS Engineer

iOS Developer for the KittyHawk app.

JUN 2017 - APR 2018


Mobile Application Developer

Key developer for the PrecisionFlight iOS app that utilized DJI commercial and enterprise drones (Matrice 100/200/600, Mavic Pro and Phantoms) to capture aerial imagery data using built-in and advanced interchangeable sensors (Visual, Thermal, Multi-spectral).

FEB-MAR 2017

Silbo, Inc.

iOS Developer (Contract)

Was responsible for developing a prototype iOS mobile application for a startup seeking Venture Capital funding. Under NDA.

APR - JUNE 2016

The Iron Yard

Mobile Engineering Student

During the 12-week intensive training I learned Swift, Objective-C, GitHub, MVC, iOS SDK, TDD, how to utilize RESTful APIs, Firebase, JSON, and Cocoa Pods in my various projects. I also had plenty of experience coding on a team. I made several iOS apps and in my final project I designed and coded in Swift, Food Genie, an app that helps people decide where to go eat based on their current location.

2008 - 2016


Field Strategy Supervisor

My family and I lived and served in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Bangladesh as written English (Bilingual-Bicultural) teachers to Deaf peoples. I learned several languages both sign and spoken. I was responsible for strategy, supervision, and meetings for several team members in South Asia. While in India I did marketing, web development, and graphic design for a local company and the IMB.

2004 - 2008

Antioch Baptist Church

Associate/Youth Pastor

To become the web developer at ESI I had to go out in the community and get businesses to want me to design and develop a website
for them. The position wasn't needed nor was their business at the time. I designed and coded several websites for this local internet provider. I was responsible for design, coding, testing, and customer service.

1999 - 2004

Electronic Solutions, Inc.

Web Developer

Developed, managed, operated and promoted an Internet business. Handled customer support issues.Planned and managed business finances.


2009 - 2011

Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies, Orality

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

2004 - 2008

Biblical Studies, History, And Secondary Education, B.A

The College at Southeastern

1999 - 2001

Information Systems, A.A.S

Piedmont Community College

I first got into developing websites back in the late 90’s with Geocities. Yes, that was hard to type. Went to community college and got a good general education in C++, HTML, ASP, computer networking, software architecture and graphic design all while working at Electronic Solutions as their only web developer.  I left web development professionally to pursue Christian ministry.  I completed a degree in History and Secondary Education after completing 6 months of student teaching at Wake Forest-Rolesville High School. I then moved overseas and worked with Deaf people teaching English (Bilingual-Bilateral approach) and translating the Bible into sign language.  I continued my cross-cultural education by receiving 30 master-level credit hours towards a degree that I decided not to complete in order to pursue software development professionally once again.

My Clients


  • I had the opportunity to work with Nick on the PrecisionFlight mobile application, and he has contributed to our product and culture in an invaluable way. Nick has made a myriad of contributions to the product, from developing marketing material, creating storyboards for new designs, and automating our release process to improve team productivity. In his role as an iOS developer, Nick has both developed brand new features for our app and helped transform our legacy code into a cleaner and more scalable codebase - all while fixing bugs and improving the product however he could. He has always made sure he could deliver on anything that was expected of him, displaying a powerful work ethic that is difficult to come by. His sense of humor and proclivity for puns always made our team meetings and chats entertaining, and is one of the many things I will miss about him as a member of our team. Nick is a spirited and capable developer that will elevate the performance and spirit of any company.

    Ricky Hopper
    Ricky Hopper Technical Lead at PrecisionHawk
  • Since I’ve met Nick I’ve been impressed with his extensive knowledge in iOS development. He is a highly skilled developer and has great debugging skills. It was a great experience to work with you and I enjoyed every time we pair programmed to knock out bugs. I highly recommend Nick to any mobile development team. Wish you the best in your next opportunity man!

    Josh Puente
    Josh Puente Lead iOS Engineer at PrecisionHawk
  • Nick was an ideal student during his time at The Iron Yard. He was a top performer in class, and always helped his peers without being directly asked to do so. His final project Food Genie was really impressive, and he is the only one from his class to go beyond the program requirements to get it in the App Store. After he graduated, he came back and volunteered his time to teach a few of our free intro classes. Nick is just a great person overall, and I look forward to seeing where his path takes him. If you get a chance to work with him, you’re very lucky!

    Stacey Vernon
    Stacey Vernon Campus Director at The Iron Yard
  • Nick is an excellent learner and always pushed the UI to do more than what the assignments asked of him. He was customizing TableView Cells before his classmates understood what a protocol was. He's a persistent worker and is constantly looking to learn a new way to solve a problem. His design work on his final project, Food Genie, went above and beyond our expectations.

    Jeff Ligon, PhD
    Jeff Ligon, PhD Mobile Instructor at The Iron Yard
  • I hired Nick to work on our SCC2 iOS app. He did a fantastic job, especially with the UI. He always went above and beyond what I asked him to work on. I will definitely hire Nick in the future to help with other apps.

    Photo of Tom Williamson of DTS Software
    Tom Williamson Programmer at DTS Software

My Interests

I enjoy playing and watching various sports, but basketball is by far my favorite.  I dabble in photography, enjoy traversing the globe, engage in the occasional online multiplayer, watch movies with my family, enjoy teaching professional and spiritual content, all while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.

  • Sports
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Video Games
  • Watch Movies
  • Teaching
  • Coffee Connoisseur

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